have you ever had way to much BFFS. well you are on the right track. this video is a great Lesson. in my Opinion of course. please met Sophia grase and her BFF. love Oliviab16crew

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Jo Jo siwa.

you have got to love jo jo siwa.  she is the best kid singer. also sometimes bad things could happen to. like jo jos mean momments. that’s why I have this video for you to watch. love oliviab16crew.

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Its A Hard Knock Life

my life is so hard. not as hard as Annie was. she went in a orphanage for more then 5 years. so I got a song for you. for you. hop you enjoy.

I think I am gonna like it here.

little girls little girls.

MY Portland Chinese school

this is my Chinese school. it is Chinese. we are happy there. we speak Chinese. we do performances.

here I am with giber and  my cousin Adam and Sophia and Autum and me in the middle and Von and Max and Oole and Eming and my my teachers the one on the right is named teacher who the one on the left is named teacher jill.

this is wo de bao bei it is very good there is movements.

My vacation to California!

we went to go whale watching and we went to the beach and I got knocked over by the waves a little bit. we also went to six flags magic mountain and  while we were at six flags we went on the batman ride and we went on the ninja ride and also the galiath the galiath is a 255 foot drop we also went on California screamin’ and the new revoulution was fun we get to put on these googles and it will pull up a game that we can play on while the ride is going to fire we need to push the right button. we had fun. and we went to disney land and universal studios and I got so much SOUVENIRS! I am so happy now.

the new reveloution.

the twisted colusus.


about school

school is fun. It is a place were you learn. Abraham Lincoln did not go to school but he should of because school is a fun place to be. it  is like a home but it is a school and schools are fun they help you focus on your learning so that you can be smart but Abraham Lincoln  did not go to school but he still is a smart president but hes not a president now because he already was a USA president.